Innovae Forest, our commitment to environmental sustainability
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Last week we were very excited to present the Innovae Forest project, our corporate forest that aims to plant 600 trees by 2023. To achieve this goal we are going to reforest certain parts of the world, which at the moment are Ecuador, Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania. The tree species to be planted are native to each country, respecting their ecosystem.

After 16 years of experience developing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions for the industrial sector, we have decided to go one step further and take advantage of our activity to contribute to the well-being of the planet. Our SAAM and ATR solutions, aimed at digitising the working environment and efficiently connecting technicians with experts respectively, contribute to a zero-paper workspace and avoid the need for travel. This reduces the exploitation and felling of trees and reduces CO2 emissions.

Given that the consequences of climate change are undeniable, we have decided to be an active part of the change and do our bit to fight against deforestation. Therefore, now for the purchase of SAAM or ATR, we give our customers 1 to 3 trees to be planted in Innovae Forest, to show their support for environmental welfare. From this moment on, both the Innovae team and our customers are active participants in the fight for a better world.

There are multiple benefits of planting trees in Innovae Forest, and they allow us to get closer to goals 1, 4, 8, 13 and 15 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Environmental benefits

Innovae Forest, our commitment to environmental sustainability

CO2 absorption

Carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas that is having the most negative impact on global warming. Emissions are especially polluting when derived from human activity, linked to cars, planes, or any activity that consumes fossil fuels. It has been widely demonstrated that planting a single tree can absorb up to 5kg of polluting gases per year, and produce up to 130 kg of oxygen in response.

Biodiversity protection

Biodiversity ensures that there is a balance between different ecosystems, guaranteeing their subsistence. It is key to the services they provide to humans, such as food, water and other resources, and is also essential to prevent species extinction. Biodiversity loss is a global and local emergency, so planting trees in places of origin helps to halt its decline.

Action against desertification

Human activity and the resulting climate change are making soil degradation one of today’s greatest challenges. With the loss of fertile land becoming unproductive, species of fauna and flora disappearing and climatic phenomena such as hurricanes increasing. For people, it means low food security, increased poverty and the need for migration. By planting trees, we try to restore and protect the vegetation cover that preserves the fertility of the land.


The main importance of forests lies in the fact that they keep the soil healthy and fertile and preserve our environment. In the face of radical situations, such as the forest fires experienced in recent years, the natural regeneration of trees is often not possible. It is then when, under controlled and analysed measures, reforestation is essential for environmental restoration.

Social benefits

Innovae Forest, our commitment to environmental sustainability

Income opportunities and local allocation of land ownership

The trees and the fruit they bear are allocated to local farmers, giving them another source of income. The plant is also actively maintained until the farmer makes a profit from its care, so that the initial funding is fully covered. By allocating the tree’s land locally, land grabbing is combated and economic growth is promoted in developing countries.

Educational opportunities

Farmers are trained in good agroforestry practices, with the support of universities and research centres, providing knowledge on which to specialise and turn agroforestry work into a sustainable source of income.

Although we are a small company, we believe that any environmental effort is positive, so we wanted to do our bit. One of the central axes of our initiative is to take advantage of our visibility to raise awareness of climate urgency and show that you don’t have to be a big company to do something good for the planet. That is why, with Innovae Forest, we want to inspire and encourage more companies to start environmental action projects, so that together we can make a difference. This project is being made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Italian company Treedom. We encourage you to contact them so that more trees can be planted than we can take on.

We look forward to seeing you at Innovae Forest!