Innovae Forest

Our commitment to the planet

What is Innovae Forest?

It is our sustainable initiative that seeks to have a positive environmental and social impact. As a technology company that offers industrial solutions based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, we promote digitalized work environments where paper becomes an unnecessary resource. We also strongly believe that our technology can minimise travel, reducing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

In order to reinforce these benefits, we have committed to plant 600 trees by 2023, as well as to involve our stakeholders in the initiative, giving away trees in exchange for awareness.

This is how Innovae Forest was born, the forest that Innovae community takes care of for a better future.

Why do we plant trees

Beyond the correlation with the benefits of our technological products, we are well aware that the climate emergency is one of the great challenges of today. The best strategy to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere is to increase the plant mass of the planet, so planting trees can be one of the great opportunities to recover environmental health.

At Innovae we believe that companies should also get involved in global movements to make a difference, and with our annual planting commitment we are doing our bit. With Innovae Forest we fight against deforestation, CO2 emissions and biodiversity loss.

Our social impact

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Sustainable Development Goals

With Innovae Forest we want to do our bit, so that together we can achieve goals 1, 4, 8, 13 and 15 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Innovae Forest
Innovae Forest
Innovae Forest
Innovae Forest
Innovae Forest

Our plantation commitment provides job opportunities (1) by training local farmers with the support of universities and research institutes (4). This supports the training of people in developing countries, favouring economic flow (8). On the other hand, tree planting is a measure against climate change (13) and favours plant biodiversity (15).

Do you want to create your own company forest?

We are not a big company, but we believe that you don’t have to be in order to contribute to the well-being of the planet. If you identify yourself with the goals of our initiative, we encourage you to consider creating your own corporate forest like ours. We have collaborated with the Italian company Treedom for this project, and we believe that their business model for a better planet could be for you.

Go for it and leave your sustainable footprint on the world!