Industry 4.0

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is increasing in recent years and is one of the main sectors where Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies are being adopted.

In the context of Industry 4.0, Innovae augmented reality and virtual reality allow to empower the workforce and train operators to be more efficient in increasingly complex production processes.

In short, these technologies allow operators to obtain critical knowledge easily and visually, enabling the performance of tasks more efficiently.

Augmented Reality in Industry 4.0

The applications of augmented reality in Industry 4.0. are several and are aimed at supporting technicians in their real working environment.

Through augmented reality, the user can visualize step-by-step procedures of the task to be performed or even get visual instructions in real time from experts with remote assistance systems.

Currently, the presence of augmented reality in areas such as maintenance, assembly processes or quality control is already common and reference companies in various sectors are implementing systems based on augmented reality to revolutionize their industrial processes.

industria 4.0
Industria 4.0

Virtual Reality in Industry 4.0

The application of virtual reality in Industry 4.0 has a different orientation due to the level of immersion it provides to the user. By means of virtual reality, exact simulations of products, processes or production plants can be built in order to see their operation in first person and in an immersive way.

Therefore, virtual reality is used for example for the design phase of products or processes and validation of prototypes, as engineers can check the progress made in a more visual and interactive way through a virtual simulation. In this way, errors in this phase can be reduced and productivity increased.

Currently, the area where virtual reality is most used in the context of Industry 4.0 is in the training of professionals

Virtual reality enables training in complex or dangerous tasks before having to perform them in the real situation, avoiding any associated risk and obtaining cost savings for companies.

In addition, due to the level of immersion it offers, virtual reality maximises the assimilation of knowledge, optimises the learning process and provides personalised and autonomous training for each user.

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Innovae and Industry 4.0

Digitalization of operations

Our solutions for the digitalization of operations have been designed to enhance the work of field technicians, solving the inefficiencies due to the lack of critical knowledge about the operation.

We have two products that make it easy to digitalize information and visualize guided processes (SAAM) and remote assistance (ATR). These solutions allow us to improve knowledge management, minimize the time of resolution of incidents and avoid the displacement of experts.

They are based on state-of-the-art technologies such as augmented reality, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

realidad virtual en la industria 4.0
Mantenimiento realidad virtual

Virtual training

Virtual reality-based training is a tool with great potential in industrial environments. It allows the testing of complex technical procedures or risk situations, in an environment with a high degree of realism. The interaction in virtual environments generates a learning process similar to the real experience in the workplace, which allows to obtain a great efficiency when training the personnel.

We have a standardized platform (SAVI), which allows a comprehensive management of training processes through immersive experiences, facilitating the monitoring of user progress and calibration of objectives and difficulty levels.

Thanks to our experience in the sector, we have developed a catalogue of standardized training experiences, to facilitate the incorporation of this type of system in any company.

Digital Twin

The connection to the data of a plant or a machine in real time, allows to implement advanced solutions of information processing and digital twin. 

These systems are a virtual representation of the real element, which allow to understand, predict and optimize the productive activity to achieve a competitive advantage. 

The main functions that we implement based on these technologies are the monitoring and operation of plants in mobility or augmented reality, the prediction of abnormal situations and optimization of the operating parameters of a process, or the simulation of different scenarios without interfering with the real environment, improving decision-making, reliability and productivity. 

aplicaciones de la realidad virtual en la industrial
Monatje y control de calidad

Solutions for assembly and quality control

We implement support systems to assist operators in assembly and process control tasks in production plants.

Based on mixed reality, our solutions reduce the error rate to zero by displaying step-by-step instructions on the actual machine. 

They reduce quality control times with advanced verification tools and minimize the adaptation period of new operators with real-time assistance. 

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