Herramienta mantenimiento remoto

Digitalization Tool for Technical Operations

Tool designed to optimise the efficiency of technical operations through guided processes in mixed reality

Fields of application

SAAM - Digitalization

For periodic maintenance of your own and customers’ infrastructures and equipment, SAAM provides clear instructions on how to carry out maintenance tasks and centrally records
errors or malfunctions.

Preventive maintenance

SAAM - Digitalization

By means of digital instructions, trainees can perform complex tasks efficiently and safely. In addition, the activity of each user is trackable for monitoring.


SAAM - Digitalization

To effectively assess the condition of installations and assets, the solution provides comprehensive guidance that enables even inexperienced operators to carry out the process flawlessly.

Control and audit tasks

SAAM - Digitalization

The system facilitates the assembly of component parts with step-by-step instructions and ensures compliance with quality standards.

Assembly tasks

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Centralized Administration

The administration panel allows complete management of the information system, such as users/groups, assets, document manager, workflows, work planning, incident management and reporting.

Updates made by the administrator are automatically distributed to all devices. Once the information has been downloaded, the devices can operate offline.

saam administracion centralizada



40% increase in productivity when performing complex tasks.


80% increase in knowledge retention after 3 months of regular use.


50% reduction in training time for assembly work.


Digitalization Tool for Technical Operations

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