Virtual Training Solution

Gamified platform for the training of professionals through virtual experiences in realistic environments



Guided experiences with step-by-step instructions for autonomous learning.


Gamified evaluation system based on achievements, milestones and certifications.


Simultaneous interaction of multiple users for multi-station tasks.

Intuitive interface

No previous experience or technical knowledge is required for its use. Valid for any type of profile.

Centralised management

The platform is managed from a central cloud to which all users connect remotely from their devices via a launcher application.

SAVI - Training

Standardised training experiences

SAVI has a wide catalogue of virtual experiences ready to be used. Our training capsules have a high degree of realism for the efficient training of professionals, each one oriented to a different scenario.

PRO forclift simulator

Fire extinguishing

Risk prevention in the plant

Electrical hazards

Forklift trucks

Overhead crane in warehouse

Customized training capsules

We develop customized immersive experiences based on the needs of companies in the training of professionals.


SAVI is a multi-platform solution compatible with a wide range of latest generation devices with high performance that enable a high quality immersive experience and interaction in Virtual Reality. The type of device is adapted according to the specific needs of use.


Open XR compatible glasses

SAVI - Training

Stand Alone Glasses

SAVI - Training


Multi-user rooms


SAVI is compatible with room-scale experiences, which allow users to be trained in the same virtual experience whilst sharing the same play area.

With sensors on the ceiling or on the floor of the room, the Virtual Reality glasses detect the position and movement of the users.

Ideal for training in multitasking positions.


solución mantenimiento remoto


Increases safety at work and prevents occupational hazards during training.

solución mantenimiento remoto


Reduces learning time and training costs.

solución mantenimiento remoto


Improves understanding and assimilation of knowledge due to immersive experience.

solución mantenimiento remoto


Personalised training sessions adapted to the user’s learning pace.

SAVI - Training

Virtual Training Solution

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