Innovae conducts a pioneering pilot test of Mixed Reality for the automotive industry.
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Innovae, a company specializing in Mixed Reality, has developed a pioneering solution for the Automotive Industry Cluster of Catalonia (CIAC). Supported by the consulting firm Improva and implemented for Meleghy Automotive, the project involves an application that enhances quality control processes in the automotive industry.

The project aims to digitize the quality control process, making it easier and more efficient for workers in their day-to-day operations. To achieve this, the cutting-edge Microsoft HoloLens 2 device is used, which overlays virtual instructions step-by-step to guide the operator. Thanks to immersive technology and the quick adaptation of the operators, the execution of the quality control process is significantly streamlined.

Another feature provided by the tool is the ability to generate real-time data for immediate evaluation of task execution, thus avoiding the need for time-consuming post-reporting.

Innovae has based the developed software on its SAAM solution, which focuses on using holographic technology to visualize step-by-step guided processes and digitize critical knowledge generated daily in the factory. This valuable resource plays a significant role in determining the level of efficiency of the workers.

Innovae conducts a pioneering pilot test of Mixed Reality for the automotive industry.

Innovae’s expertise has enabled the effective implementation of the pilot test at Meleghy Automotive in just a matter of weeks.

The outcome of the collaborative work between the companies and CIAC results in a definitive transition to Industry 4.0 with greater efficiency than ever before. The pilot test has demonstrated the inefficiency and unreliability of manual paper-based quality control processes, which limit workers by keeping their hands occupied and slow down their learning curve.

As an alternative, Mixed Reality is proposed as a solution for a more agile, simple, and intuitive operation in the technical environment, comprehensively optimizing the training system for novice operators. In fact, the “plug&play” system allows users to assimilate content from minute one, thanks to the immersion and guidance provided by smart glasses.

Innovae conducts a pioneering pilot test of Mixed Reality for the automotive industry.

Thanks to this solution, the learning curve for novice operators is drastically minimized, going from hours to minutes, resulting in increased reliability of the production process and improved efficiency. Furthermore, experienced workers also benefit from the solution, as they are able to perform the process 15% faster.

In terms of development and implementation costs, the return on investment is generated in just a few months, making Mixed Reality technology highly efficient and attractive for the automotive sector.

Mixed Reality transforms the technical workspace by crystallizing critical knowledge and conveying it in a concrete and detailed manner, enabling consistent training for new workers. It also provides a digitized environment that eliminates dependencies on tacit knowledge from experts and promotes a paperless environment.

Meleghy’s quality control process is now much more reliable, thanks to the step-by-step instructions in Mixed Reality, which enable any operator to safely execute the process.