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Augmented Reality in Marketing and Sales

Augmented Reality allows superimposing digital elements in the real world and therefore, its application in Marketing and Sales is geared towards enriching the physical environment and augmenting the products to be promoted.

Augmented Reality is used today to superimpose additional product information, for example at trade fairs and events, to create augmented catalogs that add value to physical marketing materials or to create interactive product configurators. In short, Augmented Reality helps to enrich the commercial discourse, capture the attention of potential customers and create interactive and visually powerful marketing actions.

Virtual Reality in Marketing and Sales

The applications of Virtual Reality in the Marketing and Sales area are oriented towards showing products or projects to potential customers in an immersive, innovative and attractive way.

Virtual reality allows the user to be transported to a totally virtual environment where he or she can interact with the product, learn about its functionalities, configure features and even see it in operation remotely. In essence, virtual reality is a very powerful tool to create virtual showrooms of facilities, projects or products, to capture the attention of potential customers and increase their level of understanding of the product.


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