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Immersive Rooms

Engage your team in immersive multi-user Virtual Reality rooms to boost interaction and efficiency in collaborative dynamics

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In-person and remote multiuser immersive rooms

Servicios de Realidad Virtual

On-site sessions

Gather your team physically in areas prepared for multiuser virtual experiences.

Easy installation of sensors on the ceiling or floor, with support from 40 to 500 sqm, which detects the movement of users and replicates it in the virtual world with a maximum level of interaction and immersion.

This system offers complete freedom of movement, as the system registers the space and adapts the virtual sphere to it.

Remote access

Offers virtual interaction without the need to travel.

Option for remote participation in collaborative sessions.

Users connect to the experience through an app that communicates with a central cloud, being able to interact in real time from anywhere.

immersive rooms

Fields of application

Immersive rooms





Prevention of Occupational Risks

Immersive rooms

Marketing & Sales


Collaborative Dynamics

Immersive rooms

Design and prototype validation



Virtual Training Solution

For effective and multiuser positions training in the context of Industry 4.0, these rooms are realized in the form of virtual training capsules, managed through a centralized learning platform that enables the monitoring and evaluation of each user’s progress.

Metaverso ERAVIS

Multiuser Virtual Environments

For practical dynamics with customers or the internal team. This form of Virtual Reality allows to create virtual meetings, product showrooms and design validation spaces in a central and personalized way.

Immersive rooms

PICO Glasses

The immersive rooms are compatible with PCs and the stand alone Virtual Reality PICO glasses that enable a high quality immersive experience with total freedom of movement.


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Maximize productivity and synchronization of multiuser activities in your organization thanks to unlimited immersion and collaboration.

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Avoid occupational risks through fully safe training environments and prevention experiences.

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Reduce adaptation times in multi-station tasks and maximize knowledge retention through the “learning by doing” method.

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Create collaborative sessions adapted to each situation and need of your company.

Salas inmersivas

Immersive rooms

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