Jornada Tecnológica de Euskaltel
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On June 6th, Euskaltel invited us to participate in a new edition of their Technology Conference, a gathering focused on technology as a transformative element for companies. Under the theme ‘The challenge of continuing leading as humans’, various experts shared their opinions on what has become the greatest technological revolution in history.

Jornada Tecnológica de Euskaltel

In this context, Pablo Ayala, CEO of Innovae, shared the roundtable with Oscar Rejas, Commercial Director of Euskaltel, Iñigo Astudillo, Coordinator of Assets and Resources at EGIBIDE, Shlomo Ben Ami, diplomat, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, and historian, and Macarena Estévez, Emeritus Partner of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at Deloitte.

Among the topics discussed, we were able to delve further into how advanced technological tools, which are already within our reach, affect not only the way companies work but also their results. In this regard, Pablo Ayala commented on how “we have more and more metrics that indicate that these technologies can be immediately applied in the strategic processes of companies,” which “has a significant impact on their financial results.”

Another topic that was discussed was Artificial Intelligence and how it, in conjunction with other advanced interaction technologies, can radically change the functioning of organizations: “Clearly, all these technologies will interact, and the combination of all of them will allow us to have much superior capabilities.

These advancements can also be applied in favor of sustainability. For instance, it has been demonstrated that physical presence is not necessary thanks to remote assistance solutions, and a high percentage of incidents can be resolved without an expert needing to travel, thanks to Augmented Reality. On the other hand, Virtual Reality is more oriented towards remote training through the creation of immersive environments.

After the roundtable, attendees had the opportunity to explore how these tools can enhance efficiency, training, and collaboration in the work environment through an experiential Extended Reality corner set up by Innovae. The demonstrations included examples of 3D project visualization, immersive training, and simulations of work scenarios, providing a clear vision of the potential of these technologies in improving business processes.

Innovae takes part in a new edition of Euskaltel's Technology Conference