Servicio de Realidad Aumentada
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Augmented Reality technology becomes more and more accessible with each passing year, making it an optimal solution for a number of sectors. In industry, it offers to reinvent manufacturing processes by adapting digitisation to work in the field.

Augmented reality gives technicians a tool that boosts their productivity, comfort and efficiency, allowing them to constantly improve their work performance.

Here is an overview of what to expect from augmented reality in industry in 2022, taking into account the latest trends and our own industry expectations:

1. Digitisation of assets

Face-to-face visits and tangible interactions are no longer a necessity with the creation of 3D models, which can be used to visualise digital versions of machinery and products. Augmented reality makes it possible to view and interact with assets from anywhere in the world, avoiding travel costs and adapting to each situation. When selling heavy machinery, virtual visualisation offers the possibility of simulating a prototype and showing it in detail if so desired, being able to section the 3D to show its inner workings.

2. Remote assistance

Augmented reality makes it possible to create collaborative environments between technicians and experts, so that, when faced with a problem or incident, it establishes an interactive connection between the two. Beyond a video call, it gives the option of superimposing texts, graphics and drawings made freehand in real time on the image. In this way, the management of incidents is speeded up through remote visual instructions, also avoiding travel expenses.

3. Smart glasses

They are one of the big bets of the most renowned technology companies, such as Meta (Quest 2) and Microsoft (HoloLens 2). By incorporating these devices into the digitisation of the industrial environment, the potential of augmented reality can be fully exploited, creating an immersive and realistic environment that is also comfortable for the technical user. The retail cost of the glasses is decreasing every year, gradually becoming an affordable product for many.

4. Virtual handbooks

Paper and lengthy text documents are left behind with the use of augmented reality in training and maintenance, allowing tasks to be viewed in an interactive, organised and convenient way. With videos, images and 3D animations, production processes can be optimised and operator productivity improved. Access to digital workflows through augmented reality revolutionises the way industrial tasks are performed.

At Innovae we respond to these trends by developing customised augmented reality and virtual reality projects, as well as offering standardised solutions such as SAAM (maintenance assistance) and ATR (remote technical assistance). If you want to apply these technologies in your organisation or know more about our products,

do not hesitate to contact us!