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Work habits have changed dramatically in recent years. Remote work has become the norm, especially after the lockdown caused by the pandemic, and the number of people who are rethinking the value of being on-site is increasing. In this situation, the metaverse is becoming increasingly relevant.

What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is understood as an ecosystem of 3D virtual spaces that enable collaboration between users. The metaverse takes Virtual Reality a step further by bringing together a multitude of users in the same fully computer-generated environment and establishing a network between the different virtual spheres.

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Through avatars, people can interact without limits from anywhere in the world. This offers numerous options in the entertainment sector, but the number of cases for the metaverse in the business world is progressively increasing.

Applications of the metaverse

Since the metaverse is constituted as an artificial space, the variety of usage options is endless. Depending on the needs of each company, completely customised virtual environments can be generated. Some common applications of the metaverse in the work environment are:

1. Virtual showroom

Collaborative virtual environments have the great advantage of being able to recreate any element through 3D models. For product presentation and sales processes, the metaverse offers the possibility of showing products and projects remotely without losing realism. Using Virtual Reality as a showcase is especially useful for companies that manufacture large industrial products, such as machine tools, as it facilitates the buying and selling process for themselves and the customer.

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2. Employee training

In-house team training through immersive experiences is becoming increasingly common. The metaverse allows collaborative training sessions to be conducted from anywhere and interactively. This stimulates a more agile learning process and the emotional impact of virtual elements ensures a long-term assimilation of content.

3. Design validation

The creation of 3D models in virtual spaces is one of the biggest values of the metaverse. For analysis and validation processes of prototypes or layouts, this means being able to manipulate realistic 3D models in a free and immersive way, which allows design errors to be identified in an optimised way. In this way, the metaverse speeds up design validation with as few prototypes as possible.

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4. Virtual meetings

Traditional videoconferencing platforms, despite their frequency of use, often provoke a feeling of isolation. The metaverse allows the screen barrier to be broken by creating an alternative reality where, despite miles of distance between users, a common space is shared. Virtual meetings increase the productivity of sessions thanks to their high degree of immersion and the wide variety of virtual elements with which to support more efficient communication.

Ways to access the metaverse

The metaverse can exist both on the web and in Virtual Reality smart glasses. The first option, which enables the virtual environment through a web portal accessible from a PC, is an easy way to implement and it’s a very accessible option which means that the impact on the user remains high.

How the metaverse impacts your business

However, it is true that Virtual Reality devices allow for an even more powerful experience. Since the glasses isolate the user’s senses from the real world and the only reality that can be visualised is the one generated by the computer, the level of immersion is very high. In terms of sound, most current virtual glasses incorporate spatial audio technology, realistically recreating the sound of a real environment and facilitating a natural conversation. The controllers, on the other hand, allow a more natural interaction with elements than through a mouse.

Within Virtual Reality glasses there is a wide variety of ranges, so the type of device is chosen according to the needs of each case of use.

Advantages of having your own metaverse

The variety of applications mentioned above demonstrates that incorporating the metaverse into your business is beneficial in a very multifaceted way. One of the main advantages is that it allows the user to connect more easily with people. The virtual sphere eliminates the communication and collaboration gap, allowing for an efficient approach to both internal staff and customers.

How the metaverse impacts your business

The experience offered is a great differential value compared to the competition, and the emotional impact of a personalised metaverse has a direct impact on the interest of the audience. In addition, naturalising the use of your own metaverse benefits in significant cost savings, as the processes carried out are optimised.

In short, the metaverse proposes new dynamics that benefit both the business itself and its stakeholders. That is why this form of technology is increasingly establishing itself as the technology of the future.

The ERAVIS solution, based on Virtual Reality for the creation of corporate metaverses, it allows all the aspects mentioned throughout the article to be materialised in a personalised way.

It’s suitable for any sector and it redefines the way companies interact with their stakeholders, bringing them ever closer to their business and their brand from anywhere in the world.

Whether it's connecting with customers or your own team, ERAVIS creates an engaging and differentiating experience tailored to your business needs.