Realidad Amentada Formación IMH
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The Industry 4.0 approaches the industrial network as an increasingly virtualised environment, which means that the competence of professionals is dependent on its technological management.

An increasing number of training centres are integrating technology-based tools, such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in its training processes to benefit the efficient training of its students and ensure their employability.

IMH, the Basque Campus of Advanced and Digital Manufacturing, has integrated the tool SAAM in its training centre in order to accelerate learning processes and integrate digital technologies in the industrial sector.

With degrees, courses and masters focused on machine tools, IMH uses SAAM to instruct in the field of advanced manufacturing. The cases in which SAAM is used at IMH are diverse, ranging from machine set-up and operation to part manufacturing.

Augmented Reality in the digitisation of training processes

SAAM is a system designed to optimise efficiency in technical operations that allows Augmented Reality support to visualise guided processes. The tool digitises all the critical knowledge required to perform tasks and distributes it in the form of step-by-step instructions through workflows. 

For IMH students, this means having training content broken down at hand in the industrial environments offered by the centre, so that practice in handling machinery is efficient and safe.

SAAM supports learning-by-doing by focusing on action learning in realistic environments.

Realidad Amentada Formación IMH

IMH uses SAAM to digitise knowledge in different ways depending on the training environment of the learner. On the one hand, it uses the function of uploading and visualising 3D models, which can include animations.

Students in the industrial environment can see, through SAAM’s Augmented Reality, 3D machinery on which the steps to be performed are executed. In this way, the actions are visually exemplified.

By viewing the 3D content through the Microsoft Hololens 2 smart glasses, students have the option to work on the real machine hands-free and can adapt the virtual elements to their real environment.

Realidad Amentada Formación IMH

On the other hand, SAAM also supports simpler 2D content, such as text, images and videos. This makes SAAM a highly transversal tool that allows IMH students to access critical knowledge from almost any device.

Whether with a mobile phone, tablet or Microsoft Hololens 2 glasses, students have access to expert technical knowledge whenever and wherever they need it.

Realidad Amentada Formación IMH

Centralised management of training courses with SAAM

For IMH teachers, SAAM’s centralised monitoring of the execution of tasks allows them to have control over the students’ activity.

SAAM facilitates supervision, as well as evaluation, of the handling of machinery carried out in the industrial training environment. The solution centralises information on each step taken by each student, generating a knowledge base that ensures the traceability of individual training processes.

Realidad Amentada Formación IMH

The industrial sector demands profiles that handle new technologies to support the digital transformation in factories, so integrating technologies such as Augmented Reality in training centres allows launching more competitive professionals into the world of work.

With SAAM, IMH ensures efficient knowledge retention for its students and trains them in the use of innovative tools aimed at digitalisation.