This is how the field of higher education integrates Virtual Reality
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Virtual Reality environments are becoming increasingly common in the classroom, offering the opportunity to revolutionise pedagogical dynamics by stimulating optimised learning through interactive and immersive content. A virtual simulation allows real-life situations to be recreated and students’ skills to be accurately assessed, while they have the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

The European University of Madrid (UEM) has committed to Virtual Reality to optimise the higher education of its students and, to this end, Innovae has developed a series of didactic resources aimed at different areas of study.

Thanks to the virtual capsules developed, UEM students have the opportunity to develop transversal and specific competences, such as critical reasoning or decision-making, in completely safe and immersive environments.

Training capsules for the UEM

Medical Area

Realidad Virtual formación

We have developed a total of three immersive capsules aimed at training medical and health university students that promote good practice in patient safety.

The experiences offer a tiered training program, adapting to the level of complexity depending on the course, and the situations recreated are varied, going through medical challenges in relation to children, adults and elders.

Realidad Virtual formación

Thanks to these training capsules, students put their decision-making and problem-solving skills into practice. The gamification integrated in the capsules stimulates the concentration and motivation of the students and makes it easier to accurately assess the students’ skills, including a final test that is digitally documented.

Criminology Area

Realidad Virtual formación

This virtual experience is aimed at the field of criminology and law, and covers a criminal investigation. UEM students can apply their knowledge in a virtual crime scene, designed with interactive elements that students must analyse to solve the case.

Through this project, criminology training takes on a practical character, allowing students to be put to the test in a realistic environment. This has a greater impact on the students, and brings them closer to the reality of the work that awaits them.

Dentistry Area

Realidad Virtual formación

This immersive module allows students at the UEM to experiment with the Simodont haptic simulator, a device that allows them to practice dental interventions in a very efficient way.

Thanks to the project, students can come into contact with the reality of the medical environment from a distance, exploring the professional environment and difficult-to-access devices autonomously.

They can also work with devices that would otherwise be completely inaccessible due to their high cost if they were not recreated using 3D models.

Our solution for virtual training

At Innovae we offer SAVI, a platform that includes both standardised and customised capsules, applicable to very different sectors.

We specialise in creating immersive experiences for the training of industrial professionals, and our catalogue of standardised experiences includes a wide variety of training courses.

In addition, we have experience in developing tailor-made capsules according to the specific needs of each case.

If you are interested in applying Virtual Reality to your organisation's training processes, don't hesitate to discover all the details of SAVI!