Realidad Mixta
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The Mixed Reality is revolutionising the way we work in Industry 4.0. Thanks to its ability to recognise space and superimpose indications, 3D models or multimedia on it, operators can visualise in a concrete way the steps they have to perform in their activity.

Any process to be carried out in the factory that is made up of a series of tasks can be transformed into a guided process with Mixed Reality, thus leaving the critical knowledge necessary at all times in an accessible way. 

For this purpose, Innovae offers SAAM.

SAAM - Advanced Maintenance Support System

This tool is based on software to support the digitisation of industrial processes that takes advantage of 3D content and Mixed Reality to optimise the workspace of each technician. By superimposing instructions on the real space, users are no longer dependent on expert knowledge and can perform their tasks in a more agile, correct and safe way.

SAAM ensures the quality of each intervention through increased access to homogeneous and concrete critical knowledge.

Thanks to the digital nature of the workflows, the activity in the factory is recorded centrally and can be monitored and evaluated. From the administration, the organisation and distribution of work plans is facilitated and there is immediate and automatic access to all information.

Success story: Sastesa

In this project, SAAM has been implemented to improve efficiency in maintenance tasks at the Sastesa water treatment plant in Calanda (Teruel). Through Microsoft Hololens Mixed Reality glasses, plant operators can access guided processes.

Instructions are superimposed exactly on the infrastructures, and display videos, directions or descriptive text to guide the operator.

In addition, technicians can access technical diagrams to support their work, as well as make notes on modifications made. As the various tasks are carried out, the operator must confirm their execution, so that the process is traceable. This allows the verification process to be digitised and keeps the database updated in real time.

Success story: Barberán

The company Barberán used Mixed Reality technology to support its customers. With the Hololens device, the client’s maintenance technicians accessed workflows offline.

The user can move the instructions wherever they want, adapting the Mixed Reality extension to their real environment. The virtual guide eliminates the need for paper instructions and heavy manuals, leaving the critical knowledge in the hands of each technician. With SAAM, Barberán’s customers can be autonomous in their processes and, more importantly, improve the efficiency of the tasks performed.

Applying Mixed Reality technology to improve the day-to-day work environment in the factory allows for the empowerment of the workforce through increased autonomy.

Whether via tablet, mobile or smart glasses, the operator has at hand all the knowledge he needs to perform his activity optimally. Tools like SAAM bridge the gap between skills and knowledge, creating extended and well nurtured workspaces.

Direct benefits of SAAM

  • Improves productivity in complex technical tasks by 40%
  • Facilitates 80% knowledge retention after the first 3 months
  • Reduces maintenance and quality control task execution times by 40%
  • Reduces training times for novice assembly workers by 50%

If you want to find out more about step-by-step instructions with Mixed Reality or would like to carry out a SAAM demo,

don't hesitate to contact us!