ATR: The Expert One Click Away with Augmented Reality
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COVID-19 has shown that proximity matters more than we think, also in the workplace. For the industrial area, adapting to the new times has meant betting on technologies that make it possible to maintain or even improve the efficiency of workers despite the inability to offer in-person support.

The Augmented Reality technology has been one of the star tools that has made it possible to boost the industry’s competitiveness despite the limitations set by the pandemic.

ATR - Remote Technical Assistant

ATR is a solution based on Augmented Reality that opens an extended communication channel between technicians in the factory and experts in the office, avoiding inefficiencies in the detection and resolution of problems. The collaborative platform allows complex or uncertain technical interventions to be carried out in complete safety thanks to the direct assistance of an expert, who visualises the situation in the factory in real time.

It is an easy and intuitive solution to use, so it does not require extensive prior knowledge of Augmented Reality technology. This has made it easy for companies to quickly adopt the system and start with improved incident resolution almost immediately during the COVID-19 crisis.

ATR: The Expert One Click Away with Augmented Reality

For many companies, it has also been the key to making the leap to digitalisation. The tool implemented has served as a platform for collecting the critical knowledge generated in the assistance, creating a database that helps to keep a detailed record of the incidents that occur in the factory. 

ATR is an easy and intuitive solution to use, it does not require extensive prior knowledge of Augmented Reality technology.

In addition to communicating by voice and text, it has functionalities, such as freehand drawing on the real image, file and screen sharing, etc. Another barrier that is also broken is the linguistic barrier, as the software includes an advanced simultaneous translation system in more than 40 languages, allowing one or several experts to attend the same session regardless of their origin.

Benefits of the Remote Technical Assistant

Through a single click and with any device, be it mobile, tablet or smart glasses, it allows a connection to be established between technician and expert with extended tools. Through the device’s camera, the expert has a real-time view of the technician’s situation and can guide them step by step towards the resolution of the problem.

ATR: The Expert One Click Away with Augmented Reality

The remote session makes it possible to avoid direct contact and reduce travel costs by up to 25%, as well as boosting problem-solving efficiency by 15%. ATR opens a direct channel to expert knowledge without spatial limitations and with immediacy, avoiding inefficiencies in the factory.

The tool is suitable for all types of technical assistance, not only for in-house plant equipment. For example, in production lines of suppliers or experts, maintenance and repair of infrastructures can be optimised.

ATR instantly identifies errors, reduces response times and minimises production downtime. The solution is also very useful in customer support, as ATR facilitates set-up and saves the customer from having to spend hours and hours deciphering a conventional manual.

If you want to know more about ATR in more detail or still have questions about how Augmented Reality can help improve efficiency in your factory, don’t hesitate to contact us!