How to win over your customer with Virtual Reality
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Virtual Reality is a technology that has been emerging for years as one of the most promising avenues for the future of digitalisation, challenging the barrier of conventional experiences. We understand virtual reality as a technology that allows the user to be immersed in a completely synthetic, computer-generated space, isolating the user from the real world and transporting them to an alternative environment. Virtual Reality has reached a remarkable level of maturity and has established itself in a wide variety of industry niches. Although it is popularly associated with video games, the truth is that it covers all kinds of areas, such as medicine, training or Industry 4.0. At Innovae, we were able to identify a clear use of Virtual Reality in the area of sales, where the need to display products in a more innovative and efficient way emerged.

A virtual and collaborative environment in which to showcase products remotely

With this market opportunity in mind and our consolidated knowledge of virtual technology, we responded to demand by launching ERAVIS. This virtual showroom makes it easy to showcase products remotely in a virtual and collaborative environment, enabling the sharing of content ranging from traditional documents to 3D models. InnVision reinvents the dynamics of display and sales for both parties involved:

How to win over your customer with Virtual Reality

From the seller

  • Attractiveness factor: Impacting the customer will not be difficult with such an innovative experience in which you can show the product and experiment with the variety of functions offered by Virtual Reality. A good product requires a good presentation that captures the customer’s attention from the very first moment.
  • Explanation made easy: Virtual Reality goes beyond the merely visual impact, allowing to gather in the same space any element that is considered necessary to facilitate the understanding of the product. From drawing annotations to sectioning 3D models, ERAVIS makes it possible to showcase the maximum of each product.
How to win over your customer with Virtual Reality
Hierarchy of a 3D model in ERAVIS
  • Error rate savings: The ability to create and share 3D models allows optimising the design process and the validation of layouts. In this way, the final product can be realistically prototyped and additional costs caused by a high error rate can be avoided.
  • Zero travel costs: Discussing product sales has never been easier than from the comfort of your own office. InnVision allows you to connect with customers anywhere in the world without the need to travel, enabling you to showcase products that previously required a visit, such as heavy machinery.

From the buyer

  • Immersive experience: The process of buying a product can be more than just a business conversation. With ERAVIS, the customer can have a positive and unforgettable experience.
  • Understanding made easy: When making a purchase decision, the most important thing is to be fully aware of what you are buying. Our virtual shop window allows you to visualise 2D and 3D elements, while having an active and interactive conversation with the salesperson.
  • Inspection in detail: For an even more specific understanding, Virtual Reality offers the possibility to section 3D models to observe the internal parts or components of the product, clarifying any doubts that may arise.
  • Accurate measurement: Although during the use of ERAVIS the activity takes place in a fictitious environment, it is important to maintain certain conditions of reality in order to represent the products faithfully. To this end, the system allows unit distance measurements to be taken in order to measure the size of the products.
How to win over your customer with Virtual Reality
User measuring 3D model in ERAVIS

To achieve the fullness of the experience, specific equipment is required, special glasses such as HTC VIVE PRO or Microsoft Hololens 2. These effectively isolate the user’s senses, giving the virtual experience the desired realism.

To learn more about the application of Virtual Reality in the sale of products and projects or to consider incorporating ERAVIS in your organisation, do not hesitate to contact us at