Multiuser Virtual Environments
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Nowadays, it is impossible to escape the term ‘metaverse’. Once virtually unknown, it has become a recurring theme in recent years. The concept has its roots in the world of fiction, appearing for the first time in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel ‘Snow Crash’. In this work, humans interact through avatars in a virtual universe. Sound familiar?

Metaverses can be defined as multiuser virtual environments where various collaborative dynamics can take place. These virtual worlds have revolutionised the way we interact with technology and the digital environment, allowing us to work, socialise and learn in new ways, and opening doors to new opportunities and experiences.

In education, these collaborative environments take teaching and learning to entirely new levels. In particular, when adopted in Vocational Education and Training, which is characterised by its practical, employment-oriented approach, schools benefit enormously as it allows them to combine theory and training in a very effective way, transforming and enriching the educational experience.

The adoption of Multiuser Virtual Environments to enhance Vocational Training

One of the platforms that VET schools can use to create collaborative virtual environments is our ERAVIS tool. This allows teachers to meet with their students in highly immersive, controlled and secure environments, and to incorporate animated 3D models that facilitate understanding of a particular subject area.

Multiuser virtual environments lack physical barricades

ERAVIS allows, through avatars, students to collaborate and work as a team efficiently from the same immersive room with their Virtual Reality glasses, being able to interact in real time, share ideas and work together on different projects.

In addition, this solution has a PC application, allowing students from other centres or experts in different fields to join the dynamics, providing valuable knowledge and experiences that enrich the educational process.

Virtual environments allow unlimited access to 3D resources

Another significant advantage of ERAVIS is the access to an unlimited range of 3D models related to the different professional families. In this way, students can access equipment and machinery that would be impossible to have physically on site.

The adoption of Multiuser Virtual Environments to enhance Vocational Training

In addition, the use of this platform can contribute to the reduction of costs associated with vocational training by eliminating the need for expensive physical materials and equipment.

ERAVIS prepares students for the jobs of the future

ERAVIS encourages innovation and creativity in both students and teachers. By providing a flexible environment without the constraints of the physical world, students can experiment, try out new ideas and creative solutions to real problems. This freedom to innovate and create is fundamental to the development of critical and creative skills.

Moreover, the use of multiuser virtual environments in VET prepares students for the work of the future, which will be increasingly digital and virtual. The skills and competences acquired in these environments, such as the use of digital tools, virtual collaboration and adaptation to emerging technologies, will be essential in the labour market of the future.

Ultimately, ERAVIS represents a revolutionary opportunity to transform Vocational Education and Training, offering a range of benefits that improve the quality and effectiveness of learning. From immersion to team collaboration, the possibilities are many and varied.

As technology continues to advance, it is crucial that vocational schools embrace and leverage these tools to prepare students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an increasingly digital and globalised work environment.